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We are a nice rating community where anyone is welcome!
We are new, fun & friendly. Apply now!
We rate 100% on your personality!

* Please post a application within 24 hours of joining.
* Put in a lot of effort into your application! :]
* Wait 1-2 days to be stamped, please be patient.
* You will earn 10 points automatically if accepted.
* Please be nice to other members.
* You may comment outside of your application only after you have been stamped.
* If you do not get accepted, we encourage you to try again! <3
* If you are rejected, you can re-apply after 24 hours.
* Please do not delete your application.
* Just have fun!

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* Stay active & promote our community!
* Pick a banner from here & post it in your user info.
* You must be able to earn at least 50 points each month.
* Be nice to other members. This is a nice community!
* You lose 5 points every time you are mean/rude to other members.
* Please do not promote other communities here.
* All pictures/videos must go under an lj-cut.
* Please don't post more than 3 entries a day.
* You are removed from the community if you are inactive for two months.
* Just have fun!

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Name: LC
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Name: Taylor
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hollyxwood_fix & email

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